Many secular people believe that science has made religion obsolete – that since we now have rational explanations for natural phenomena we no longer need God. This assumes that religion’s job is to explain natural phenomena, but while science’s job is to explain such phenomena, religion’s job is to tell us why such phenomena exists and how to live as relational and moral beings in our physical world.

Another problem with the belief that science makes religion obsolete is the false belief that science is based upon objective reason, whereas religion is based on subjective opinion. But there is no such thing as a value-free, completely objective view of reality.

Scientists make hypothesis, based upon faith commitments, and they interpret data to fit in with these hypothesis. So at the end of the day both religion and science work on the principal of faith seeking understanding. The main point of contention, of course, is not between science and religion but between philosophical materialism – the view that the physical is all that exists in the world, and Christianity – the belief that since God made a physical world for his creatures to live in religion and science are not incompatible enemies but are different ways of making contact with God’s universe.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert