The word “sin” is a largely forgotten word. People in our culture find it an oppressive and judgmental word, and so we typically use it ironically or pejoratively. But the idea of a “sin” is one that’s held by all people everywhere, because sin is simply the violation of a received moral code.

In our culture’s case, the idea of sin (if not the word) is reserved for violations of our culture’s moral code – the rights of the individuals, the importance of physical beauty, the value of money and material objects, etc. But in the Bible the word “sin” is used to denote violations of God’s character and will. Since God loves life, honesty, justice, family, community, and holiness, a sin against God is any violation of the revelation of his character in his Bible. But God has come up with a plan to forgive our sin by clothing us with his son, Jesus.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert