The death of Jesus of Nazareth, by crucifixion, is an irrefutable historical fact. But what his death means, if anything, is the subject of much debate.

On one level, Jesus was the casualty of Imperial Rome’s claims to universal power – his claim to be in some sense a king came into conflict with Caesar’s claim; but on another level, Christians insist that Jesus’ death paid for the sins of the world and, along with his resurrection, have turned the course of history from unrighteousness and death to righteousness and life. In this telling, the main problem of the world is the deep, dark forces that stand behind the current evil world system – the forces of sin, Satan, and death. The profound and pervasive depravity of this evil necessitates a radical solution, and the death of God and his subsequent resurrection is the radical surgery necessary to get rid of the cancer of the Fall.

In this episode of “Craving Answers, Craving God” Chuck and Aaron talk about what happened and why it happened. And why it had to happen.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert