We see lots of angels portrayed in religious art, and there are even television shows and movies that revolve around the activity of fictional angels, but what does the Bible say about angels, who they are, what they look like, and what they do?

In this episode Chuck and Aaron talk about what the Bible says about angels. Angels look different at different times – sometimes they are clearly powerful and supernatural and inspire awe, but sometimes they look like ordinary humans. However, at all times their main job is to function as messengers and servants of God; and as servants of God they’re also servants of God’s people, guarding, serving, and working for His church. There are also evil angels – what the Bible calls demons or unclean spirits – who have rebelled against their creator and are now working to destroy God’s people and his world. But by and large, the Bible is curiously reticent to explain angels in detail. Almost certainly this is because angels, though important servants of God, are not the main actors in the drama of redemption; and God’s Word always seeks to make preeminent the main character in the history of God’s plan to save the world, His Son Jesus.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert