We all need something to trust in – something that we can rely on when the chips are down. We also need hope – the belief that things are going to work out – in order to stay sane and committed in our daily lives.

Chuck and Aaron talk about faith and hope, what they are and how they overlap in meaning but are slightly different angles on how humans engage the world. For Christians, faith is not based on evidence but on relationship. Within the relationship Christians have with God and the world, they lean on God and trust him to care for and do right by them. This faith is not based on understanding, but future understanding is based on this faith.

Christians are given this faith when they are immersed into the drama of the story of redemption in the Bible. Hope flows out of this faith, but is oriented toward the future; in other words, Christian hope trusts that God is going to make all things new on the last day. And because the basis of this hope is faith in the God who always does right, Christian hope is not uncertain but is anticipation of a guaranteed thing.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert