Many non-Christians see Christians as hypocritical – people who do not live up to their own stated standards. But this isn’t a particularly Christian problem, it’s a human problem: no one lives up to the goals and ideals of their own ideology.

When non-Christians correctly point out the hypocrisy of the Christian church, Christians must be repentant. If hypocrisy is a human problem, then Christians must present an alternative to the normal human pattern of self-defense and denial by being quick to acknowledge when they have not lived up to the standards of righteousness.

Christians represent the holy and righteous God, and the best way to reflect him is to openly declare that he is holy and we are not. Chuck and Aaron talk about how the apostle Peter was guilty of hypocrisy, and in some way this provides encouragement to us to continue repenting of hypocrisy.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert