Christians often talk about serving the Lord. And while it’s true that the Bible calls his people to serve him with all their hearts, it’s a mistake to think that what this means is that God needs us to meet his needs. So, in what sense is it appropriate to talk about us serving God?

First, since God is God and we are not, he is in charge and we’re not. As such, he is our master and we are his servants. But he doesn’t call us to serve him because he needs us or because there is something missing in him which only his human creatures can fulfill. Instead, the Bible frequently describes God as serving us.

Unlike the rest of the gods in the world, our God does not demand our sacrifice for his sake, but instead he sacrifices himself for us. In other words, he is the kind of Master who serves, subverting what our culture thinks about power and authority and identifying it with self-sacrifice, the heart of which is the self-sacrifice of the God-man Jesus Christ on the cross for the lives of his people.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert

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