Islam and Christianity share a lot in common: they’re both Abrahamic religions – tracing their heritage back to God’s call of Abraham and the promises God made to his offspring, they both insist that polytheism is wrong and that there’s only one true God, they both hold that this one true God is holy and cannot tolerate sinful behavior. But the main thing they disagree about is the Muslim insistence that Jesus was only a human prophet and the deeply-held Christian belief that in Jesus the eternal creator God has become man to rescue his creation.

Chuck and Aaron also discuss the problem of radical Islamist terrorist attacks: some Muslims have read the calls for military jihad in the Koran and acted upon them against those with whom they disagree, while many Muslims – even in the Middle East – reject acts of violence against non-Muslims (and, what is more common in the Middle East, acts of violence from members of one branch of Islam against members of another) as opposed to the will of Allah.

In addition, Chuck and Aaron talk about ways for Christians to talk about their relationship with God in Jesus Christ that highlight what Christianity can uniquely offer that Islam cannot: assurance of being loved and forgiven by – not just an almighty and holy God – a covenant-keeping heavenly Father, as well as the promise that sins can be forgiven eternally by the shed blood of our savior Jesus.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert

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