Christmas is unavoidable. Politicians utilize it to create a good vibe of accessibility and gentleness around themselves; the entertainment industry uses it to churn out cheap movies and even cheaper music, gobbled up by millions of consumers every year; and of course the commercial interests have nearly successfully turned Christmas into an essential end-of-year financial harvest. But because the annual Christmas celebration – in spite of its shallowness – is ubiquitous, the question of what it means is always on the table. And as long as people are asking the question of Christmas, the answer that God has decided to write himself into the story he’s writing of the world, become the major character, swallow up in his own human body all the evils and sins of the world, destroy all that evil by dying, and rise from the dead to create universal new life. In other words, Christmas is about God’s plan to personally show up and fix everything and all of us.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert