The God of the Bible commands his creatures to praise him – to talk and sing about how great he is, but the idea of a God like this who would demand praise and worship from his creatures is seen as incomprehensible and even offensive by many non-believers. Why would the greatest Being in the universe need to be told how great he is? Is he insecure? Is he needy? Why would he use dictatorial powers to command his lackeys to bow down to him?

But what God knows is that all humans praise, naturally. We praise all kinds of things we enjoy – good food, good movies, our hobbies, our children, etc., and our praise completes our enjoyment of those people and things. Whatever is good deserves to be praised. And God knows that we, as his creatures, will only be completely happy and fulfilled when we’re acknowledging him to be the highest good – praising him.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert