When you compare what the Bible says about jobs and vocations with what our contemporary, materialistic, Western culture believes, it’s clear that our work is both less important than we’ve thought, and also more important than we’ve thought. Less important, because work promises to be a portal to money and things; hence, a pathway to fulfillment and importance. However, it’s clear from the shattered dreams, dreary slavery, and broken relationships of a money-obsessed society that this promise has not paid out. But on the other hand, according to the Bible our work turns out to be more important than we thought, not primarily as a way to serve ourselves by making money or building prestige or satisfying the competitive urge to climb the socioeconomic ladder, but instead as a gift given by God to each of us to love and serve our neighbor, to glory in the pleasure God gets from enjoying us using the gifts he’s given us, and to advance the rule of his Son Jesus in our world.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert