With all the competing stories in our culture, how can we know that the story of the Bible is the right one? Chuck and Aaron talk about how the story of the Bible takes into account all the different aspects of life in God’s creation in ways that all the alternate stories can’t.

The story of the Bible claims to be the one true story of all reality, and its reliability can be experienced when we allow its story to subsume our own stories, giving them meaning and purpose. Unfortunately, the competing stories that our culture tells bump into and attempt to color and shape the Bible’s story.

Most people long to have an overarching story (like the story of the Bible) to give their life meaning, but it’s easy for us to self-medicate — to turn to distractions in order to forget that our lives outside of the story of the Bible lack ultimate direction. But all other stories fail to connect accurately with reality because they elevate one element of God’s story (whether money, or sex, or power, or pleasure, etc.) over the rest of that reality. Christianity, though, is the one worldview that gives place to all of these elements of existence, physical or spiritual, but does not elevate any over the rest.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert