Chuck and Aaron continue their discussion about forgiveness by thinking through the notion of the forgiveness of sins. In one sense some people need more forgiveness because some sins are more bad, more damaging. But in another sense, because all sins are equally wrong, everyone needs the same amount of forgiveness. God gives this forgiveness once for all time, to all who believe in Jesus; but in the life of the Christian, although the guilt is gone, the culpability for sins still has ramifications and so must be constantly repented of.

Chuck and Aaron also discuss the problem some people have with believing that God can forgive them, as well as the notion of atonement as God’s way of allowing his people into his presence.

The conversation wraps up with a quick look at the unforgivable sin described in Mark 3, and conclude that the verse describes someone who persists in rejection of Jesus, not someone who rejected Jesus in the past.


Aaron Mueller
Chuck Rathert