The Key to our Success is You!

The St. James technology team serves our congregation in many ways! You may think you’re not experienced enough, or perhaps you think you are too young, or too old… But the truth is we need YOU!

If you are under the age of 120 and can:

* learn and assist with audio or video for various church services and events
* contribute artistically (photos, renderings, drawings, animation, videos) for various church media assets such as images and videos for the website, social media, and print materials
* assist with maintaining or consulting on various technical areas such as projectors, computers, networking, and connectivity of devices such as cameras, audio, projectors, and tablets

One of our goals is to have enough volunteers that can help out in one or more of these media ministry and technology areas so that our volunteers can achieve a good balance in opportunities to serve and worship.

No experience is required. Just a desire to learn, gain experience, and most importantly, embrace an opportunity to serve.

For more information about how you can serve with the Technology Team, please contact Larry at

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