The LCMS has launched a project called the Life Ministry Million Dollar Life Match to offer $1 million in matching grants to LCMS congregations in support of local pro-life efforts.  This is a bold statement to make in the face of the current environment surrounding the recently released Supreme Court decision reversing Roe v. Wade. 

Saint James is collaborating with Good Shepherd, Collinsville and eight other LCMS congregations in the Southern Illinois District to proceed under the framework of this matching grant program to raise funds to cover the purchase of a replacement ultrasound machine for use by Mosaic Pregnancy and Health Centers in their Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) in Fairview Heights.  Because Mosaic had an ultrasound machine on the MMU that was beyond repair, they chose to move the machine in their Fairview Heights office into the MMU to be right there on the front line adjacent to Planned Parenthood.  They need to have ultrasound equipment at both locations to meet women seeking help wherever they arrive.

The Mosaic MMU remains parked on a lot adjoining the Planned Parenthood facility.  When sidewalk counselors succeed in getting a “turnaround” (where a car will leave the abortion facility before going in), or when Mosaic can reach these women through social media, they are invited to the MMU, where they are offered an opportunity to receive a free ultrasound, along with the sharing of the Gospel message of love, life and hope in Jesus Christ!  What Mosaic finds is that those women that receive an ultrasound, where they observe the new life that they are carrying, are more inclined to reject having an abortion and carry their babies to full term than those who do not receive an ultrasound.  This is why we are trying to assist Mosaic!  Will you consider a gift to support this critical need?


Read more information about this project at: or contact Pam M or Cheryl in the church office at 618-288-6120 or

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