Meet Jack Blair

Jack began attending St. James when he was a senior at Metro East Lutheran High School (MELHS) after being invited to youth group and church by Beau and Carmen Swiatek.  Jack experienced a reigniting of his faith through youth group and his friends at MELHS.

After graduating from MELHS, Jack was enrolled in a secular university but felt God leading him to change his plans and attend a small Christian college, Palm Beach Atlantic University.   Jack realized that he wanted to give his life to Christ, pursue work in ministry, and be surrounded by like-minded people. 

Jack enjoys mission trips and being a student leader in campus ministries, both of which allow him to serve others and share the Gospel.  He has served on two previous mission trips, one to Columbia and one to India. While both trips were very formative and eye-opening, it was during his time in New Delhi that he felt repeatedly that God was confirming his desire to enter into the mission field.  Although he doesn’t know what that looks like, he is certain he wants his life to be surrounded by missions and helping those in need.  Jack prays God will use him and his team to be a light for the people they encounter and form genuine connections that leave lasting impressions – impressions that can only be explained by the love and compassion of Jesus.  Finally, Jack prays that this mission trip will be spiritually formative and challenge him to rely more on God.

Jack has been selected to be a leader on a six-week mission trip to South Africa. This trip includes traveling to both George and Cape Town, South Africa to work with vulnerable women, host Bible studies, and assist in skills training at the Halfway House.  If you would like to help support Jack on this mission trip, please visit Jack’s JustGiving fundraising page.

Meet Seth Linnenbrink

Seth began attending St. James as a senior at Metro East Lutheran High School after being invited by a friend, Beau Swiatek. Seth also met Pastor Aaron at MELHS.  He appreciated that Pastor Aaron was approachable and was comfortable talking with him.

Although Seth felt MELHS was a good high school, he never felt comfortable sharing his faith there.  This led him to seek a college that would provide an open and welcoming Christian atmosphere.  He is now a sophomore at Palm Beach Atlantic University, a small Christian college where he enjoys being in a Christian community and making real connections with people.

Seth is studying Accounting and in the future hopes to use his education and experiences to become a leader in a community-centered company.

Seth has been selected to be a co-leader for a four-week mission trip this summer.  This trip is a fellowship and discipleship trip that will travel on foot through Europe via different mountain and valley trails, ministering to people met along the way.  The purpose of the team will be to learn discipleship and ministry.  The team will see and consider historical events that shaped Europe, the current needs, and how churches are ministering in today’s world.

To support Seth on this mission trip, please visit his Seth’s JustGiving fundraising page.