The role of the Altar Guild extends far beyond creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, encompassing a variety of tasks that contribute to the smooth functioning of worship services.  One of the primary responsibilities of the Altar Guild is preparing and maintaining the communion trays and their contents. This task involves attention to detail and a deep sense of reverence. The Guild not only sets up the trays but also ensures their cleanliness.

    In addition to communion preparations, the Altar Guild takes charge of adorning the narthex and the church entrance with thematic decorations. These visually appealing displays serve as a warm welcome for worshippers and create an atmosphere that reflects our St. James community. The Guild’s creative touch contributes to the overall ambiance of the church, enhancing the worship experience for the congregation.

    They are also instrumental in preparing for special ceremonies, ensuring that every detail aligns with the significance of the event.

    The work of the Altar Guild requires a collaborative effort, and they are always in need of more helping hands. Volunteers, whether able to commit to one Sunday a month or desiring a more involved role, are welcome to join the team. Nic Schatte, the contact person for the Altar Guild, can be reached at